Styles for Every Size

There’s nothing worse than badly fitting swimwear, so our mission at Aqua Bay Swim Co. is not only to make you look like a million dollars, but to make you feel like it too. ABSC was born from founder, Tina’s, desire to create swimwear for women with a fuller bust, as she struggled to find well-fitting one-piece and bikini styles for women like her. 

You might be wondering how the fit works so well on so many different sized women, while the sizing options are relatively few; the unique design of ABSC swimwear means every piece is super adjustable, and easily customised to fit your own, unique shape. 

The magic of lining

If you feel like you’re on display every time you’re by the pool, we’ve got you - all of the Aqua Bay Swim Co. pieces are double lined, ensuring you have optimal coverage both in and out of the water. 

Straps for all sizes

Our unique back and strap construction means no more sore neck or back bulge from trying to get enough support from your swimwear. A multi-way criss-cross design can be fastened in a million different ways, helping you to customise the fit to your body. 

Adjustable bottoms for days 

You’ll never have to deal with awkwardly pulling your bikini bottoms down all day again - choose the The Sidney or The Tam Tam for the ultimate in adjustable bikini bottoms. There is strategically placed ruching in almost all of our bottoms to cinch in all the right places, to leave you feeling confident whether you’re swimming or relaxing. 

Choose your cups

No matter your bust size, you’ll feel supported in ABSC - for fuller chests, keep the cups in place for extra support; if you’re on the smaller side, take the cups out and let the double lining do the work of keeping everything covered. 

The size is right

Our handy size guide will help you find your perfect fit, and tell you more about how best to adjust each piece for your body shape. 

Still not sure? Contact us and we’ll talk you through it. Based in BC? Come and see us! We can arrange private fittings, either one-on-one, or with a group of girlfriends - we can even get you set up with drinks and snacks for a fun shopping trip.