Our Top 5 Summer Essentials

Get ready to make a big splash this summer with Aqua Bay Co. Our favorite season of the year is here, and we can't wait to soak up the sun, whether it's by the lake or at the beach. But here's the secret to truly enjoying the summer vibes: it's all about the essentials you bring along. Get ready to lounge, relax, and have a blast with our top 5 must-have products. Let's make this summer the best one yet!


5. A lightweight Turkish Towel & Towel Clips 

Coming in at number 5 is a lightweight Turkish Towel and towel clips. Tofino towel makes a great lightweight towel that is perfect for a day spent in and out of the water.

When It comes to a beach towel we like these best because they roll up nicely and are very compact making them an easy thing throw in your beach bag without taking up too much space. They also dry out super quick and that is absolutely necessary when you're getting in out of the water on a hot day, nobody wants to lay down on a soggy wet towel.

And to help your towel dry out and stay on your lounge chair towel clips will help it stay put! We don't need to be running down the beach after our towel if its windy now do we. 


4. A Good Insulated Cup 

Staying hydrated while getting your tan on is SO important. That's why we think bringing along a good insulated cup is essential to a great beach day. Everyone is hopping on the Stanley train and while we do love our Stanleys we still love a cute studded tumbler for a day by the water. 

3. A Cute Hat

Coming in at number three would be a cute hat. You need to make sure you protect your face and head from the sun so a hat is a must have beach day essential.

Tip: If you are lounging and laying down a terry cloth bucket hat or hat that is a flexible material and comfortable is a must. 

2. SPF

Its so important to protect your skin from burning! That is why we pack ALL the SPF options for a day in the sun.  A body lotion, a body spray, SPF for your face, and a lip balm with SPF. 

We love the brand Coola, they have all these great options and more, plus they have the best scented sunscreens so it smells like your on a tropical getaway while applying your SPF. 

1. A Comfortable Swimsuit

 A Comfortable swimsuit is our number one essentials summer product. We love spending our time by the beach or on a dock at the lake, all day in a swimsuit. So it's so important that it fits great, is supportive, and don't forget, still looks cute.  We designed The Sunday One Piece Swimsuit with this in mind.

The swimsuit is extremely supportive through the bust as it has two layers of fabric and lined with a power netting in between. Its super comfortable yet super Chic with a cheeky bum, slightly higher leg,  ruched front and a deep V-back. The back is just the right depth to ensure the straps stay put on your shoulders and bust stays in your suit. This suit was designed for those days you just want to look and feel fabulous without all the fuss. 

one piece swimsuit


Summer is all around us, and with it comes all the fun it promises! Whether you’re headed to the beach or headed out for a staycation, we’ve got you covered with our top five summer essentials. From lightweight Turkish towels and towel clips to keep you dry and towel in place, to a good insulated cup for those important hydrations needs, to the perfect hat for protection from those harsh sun rays, to SPF body lotions and sprays (and don't forget that lip balm),  and of course, a comfortable yet cute swimsuit: Our number one essential! So don't hesitate--go ahead and shop these five must-have items so you can enjoy our favourite season right away!